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The Spider

Directed by Andy Chen, this is a new horror take on the classic Spider-Man story starring Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead). The film went viral, garnering over 4 million views in under 2 weeks. 

It Heads Home

Something sinister has followed a man named Edwin home in this queer horror-comedy. 

Crypt TV's Stoneheart 

Rebecca grapples for control over her mind, body, and soul with the Stoneheart witch, Aponi. Together they can avenge the innocent...and annihilate their enemies. Can Rebecca divert this power for good or is she doomed to be used for evil?

Crypt TV's Hospice

Dr. Kane wanted to SUMMON his dying son's will to SURVIVE... his MISTAKE will cost many more lives. Can Alice stop him before it's too late??

Scream, Queen: My Nightmare
on Elm Street 

In 1985, Mark Patton starred in what later generations would dub 'The gayest horror movie ever made,' A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. The sequel made Freddy Krueger into a pop-culture icon, but Patton was never heard from again. After 30 years  Patton is back to talk about how his American dream became a nightmare during the homophobic AIDS crisis in Hollywood and why had to give it all up.

Unknown Dimension:
The Story of Paranormal Activity 

A deep dive into the making of the films with first time ever interviews with cast and crew, never-before-seen footage from the movies, and a preview of the seventh installment in the franchise, released at the same time as the documentary. Currently Streaming on Paramount +.

The Rule of Three

A woman haunted by her OCD and intrusive thoughts must overcome herself and face her inner demons to survive the night in the event of a terrifying home invasion by three masked slashers.

Sorry, Charlie

A remote helpline volunteer becomes targeted by "The Gentleman", a stranger who lures women from their homes with a recording of a crying baby.

The Bell Keeper

A group of friends travel to a haunted campsite with a mysterious bell. According to legend, if you ring the bell at midnight, a murderer will appear. This group’s plan to debunk the myth goes awry as they discover that the truth is stranger - and far more frightening - than fiction.


ISOLATION is a feature-length anthology, weaving together nine tales of terror, following isolated citizens in cities around the world as they confront their darkest fears in an attempt to survive an increasingly deadly outbreak.

Hunter's Moon

Thomas Jane (Stephen King's The Mist) stars in this chilling home invasion horror thriller. When their parents leave town, three teenage girls decide to throw a party in their new country home. But when a gang of dangerous local boys with sinister intentions turn up, the women are forced to not only defend themselves from the evil inside of the house, but an unseen bloodthirsty predator that is hunting them one by one outside of the house. 

Marigold Lane

You know what they say, Right? Happy wife... Happy  life. So why not come down to Marigold Lane, where you can find your happier living. 

Neon Crimes

A series of conceptual art videos by director/filmmaker Ryan Valdez exploring the remnants of true-life crime scenes in beautiful neon. 

So Vam

Kurt is an outcast in a conservative town who dreams of moving to the city to be a famous drag queen. Kidnapped by a predatory old vampire and killed, Kurt is rescued and resurrected by a gang of rebellious vampires who feed on bigots and abusers. His killer is still out there threatening all that he loves. Until Kurt faces the monster, he will never truly be free, but this time he need not face it alone.


An artifact collector receives the mask of Bakulu, an evil voodoo spirit.

Halloween Atmospheres Vol III

The third part of Witching Season Films "Halloween Atmospheres" series. It is a compilation of spooky atmospheric visuals and music designed to set the perfect Halloween atmosphere 365 days a year. It is the ideal companion for Halloween parties, carving pumpkins, or just whenever you need a Halloween pick-me-up.

The Carving

A micro Halloween mood-setter in collaboration with filmmaker Elwood Quincy Walker. 


Experimental series of short films focusing on a witch coven by Ryan Valdez. 

Bloody Disgusting's Hello Horror

Horror Host Vanessa Decker introduces viewers to the fun world of the macabre, leadings us from movie premieres to funeral homes. 

Kiptoe Vs. Robot

After the government deploys a fleet of automated 'white-washing' robots to eradicate all public artwork in Los Angeles, Kitpoe, a determined street artist, must stand up and fight for his livelihood.

Are You Okay?

This animated short film focuses on the effects of bullying and the mental health of young adults. Created by the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center Foundation and produced in collaboration with Wonder Media and the Joshua Center at the University of Washington. 

Three Days

A man attempts to reconnect with a woman from his past; telling the story of how the two were whimsical teen lovers, married for the three days in 1989. Starring Charlie McDermott (Axl, "The Middle" ABC) and Haley Ramm (Good Girls Revolt, The Originals).

The Gazer

THE GAZER is the story of Jack. Jack owns a small alien jerky shop in the desert. Aside from the occasional lost tourist, and a lizard hanging around his shop, Jack finds himself completely isolated. After his repetitive daily pattern is mysteriously interrupted, Jack is reminded of the passion and hope he once had to prove the existence of extra terrestrial life.


Hospice Season 2 (2019) Crypt TV Series

Stoneheart Season 2 (2018) Crypt TV Series

The Convenient Groom (2016) Additional Music for Lifetime Films

American Express Small Business Saturday (2015) Commercial

California Water Conservation (2014) Wyland Foundation PSA Series

Nokero Solar Lights (2014) California PSA



The Mutilator 2 (2023) Feature

Murmur (2023) Feature

Welcome Week (2023) Feature

Sorry Charlie (2023) Feature

Bad Girl Boogey (2023) Feature

T-Blockers (2023) Feature

Campfire (2023) Feature

Dark Circles (2023) Feature

Time's Up (2022) Feature

The Recipe (2022) Short

The Gazer (2022) Short

So Vam (2022) Feature

Dreamcatcher (2021) Feature

The Dead of Night (2021) Feature

Isolation: Segment 5G (2021) Feature

Shot in the Dark (2021) Feature

Are You Okay? (2021) Short

#NoFilter (2021) Short

Unknown Dimension: The Story of Paranormal Activity (2021) Feature

Escalation (2021) Short

Witch Hunt (2021) Short

The Rule of Three (2020) Short

Arkansas (2020) Feature

Hunter's Moon (2020) Feature

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street (2020) Feature

Chloe (2020) Short Film

Stars & Thunder (2019) Short

Animal Among Us (2019) Feature

Chrysalis (2019) Short

Phoenix Blue (2019) Short

Skinny Ghost (2018) Short

Rashid (2018) Short

Silent Night (2018) Short

Kiptoe Vs. Robot (2018) Short

Adulthood (2018) Short

I Got This (2017) Short

Half Nelson (2017) Short

FML (2017) Feature

Murder/Suicide (2017) Short

Reaching Out (2016) Short

Three Days (2016) Short

Bend Down the Branches (2016) Feature

Twin Falls (2015) Short

Anomaly (2015) Short

Ember (2015) Short

Painted Lady (2015) Short

In With the New (2014) Short

No Name #3 (2014) Short

Profile (2014) Short

One Summer Here (2013) Short


Through my tenure as lead composer at Wondergrove Animation Studios, I've had the privilege
of working with many web-based content makers, such as The Barbara Sinatra Foundation,
The Girl Scouts of America, The Betty Ford Clinic, The Institute for the Habits of Mind, The National Food Bank,
The American Red Cross, The Girls and Boys Club of America, and many more.


My Life is Worth Living (2021) Web Series

Spirits & Spirits (2019) Podcast Intro

WonderGrove Kids (2013 - 2018) Web Cartoon Series

Twisted: Pediatric Stroke (2018) Children's Hospital Network

Rocket's Rules (2016-2018) Web Cartoon Series

Como Makes a Mess (2017) Children's Hospital Network

Halloweeky (2017) Podcast Intro

Europhoria Spa (2017) Web Commercial Series

The Adventures of Pom Pom (2016) Web Cartoon Series

Super Man! Two Words! (2016)  Web Series

Richual (2015) Web Series

The 16 Habits of Mind (2015) Web Cartoon Series

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Scream, Queen: My Nightmare
on Elm Street Vinyl and Cassette 

You can purchase the Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street VINYL RECORD and/or CASSETTE from 1984 Publishing.

Hunter's Moon Vinyl

You can purchase the Hunter's Moon vinyl record HERE at Rusted Wave Records. 

Animal Among Us/Scream Queen CD

You can purchase the Animal Among Us CD and/or Scream, Queen! CD from Notefornote. 

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